AMERIND Critical Infrastructure

AMERIND is the only 100% Tribally owned and operated insurance provider committed to Indian Country. More than 400 Tribes united and pooled their resources to create AMERIND to keep money within Indian Country. AMERIND provides property, liability and workers’ compensation insurance, and employee benefits for Tribes, Tribal governments, businesses, and individual coverage.

AMERIND Critical Infrastructure

AMERIND Critical Infrastructure helps Tribal Nations develop and deploy the most important 21st Century critical infrastructure – high-speed “broadband” internet. AMERIND Critical Infrastructure provides professional management and design services and targeted low-cost financing for Tribal projects aimed at bringing broadband to Tribal Nations, businesses, and communities.

Why AMERIND Critical Infrastructure?

AMERIND Critical Infrastructure is a team with a unique blend of expertise on federal broadband funding, one that has worked with many Tribal Nations in the past. The team includes former federal telecom regulators with a wealth of experience in Washington, D.C.; proven Tribal economic management officials; and expert Tribal project managers.

AMERIND Critical Infrastructure will also provide “social investment” dollars to help Tribal applicants meet federal matching requirements and to supply another source of financing – all designed to bring comprehensive broadband deployment to communities across Indian Country.

AMERIND members and product owners will receive our professional management and design services, including:

  • Comprehensive community broadband needs assessment and deployment planning
  • Professional management of federal application processes – such as the $3.9 billion per year E-rate program – from beginning to end, with recurring annual services and follow on project execution
  • Access to low-cost capital for federal matching requirements and purposes beyond federal support based projects

News Alert:
AMERIND Launches AMERIND Critical Infrastructure
Broadband Builds Tribal Communities, Press Release September 2017

Download and print the Critical Infrastructure Rack Card for a summary of coverage.