We are committed to serving Tribal members, customers, and stakeholders – by providing risk management consultation, resources, education, and training. We support AMERIND’s mission by controlling risk, protecting property, preventing injury & illness, and building a strong culture of risk management in Indian Country.

We support the AMERIND UNDERWRITING Team by conducting high value property surveys and liability risk assessments. This process is vital to underwriting decisions, and helps identify risk exposures, hazard controls, and recommendations for improved risk management.

We conduct ongoing loss analysis and work closely with underperforming members or Tribes with adverse loss experience, frequency & severity of property & liability or workers’ compensation claims, and high loss ratios (exceeding 65%). We develop service plans with safety goals and objectives intended to improve loss experience, prevent injury, and mitigate future losses.

We support the development of risk managers in Indian Country to provide a sustainable risk management model for Indian Country that is self-supporting and self-serving, protecting Tribal members, property, and assets.


Upon request, the AMERIND Risk Control Team will conduct a program Risk Assessment to identify all hazards, evaluate risk controls, and to make recommendations for improved Risk Control practices, including:

  • Casino Risk Assessment-Property & Liability
  • Transportation Risk Assessment-Fleet & Driver
  • High Risk Exposure-Liability Risk Assessment, i.e., cannabis growth
  • Work Comp-Risk Assessment
  • High Value Property Survey


Fire is a “loss leader” for frequent and severe property losses within Indian Country. Through AMERIND’s Fire Prevention Program, Risk Control Consultants support Tribes with the identification of fire risk exposure, provide recommendations around defensible space, and aid with the development of a Fire Prevention & Mitigation Plan.


Tribal communities and citizens can help put an end to suspicious fire activity by making an anonymous tip. If the information you provide leads to the arrest and indictment of the suspect(s), you could claim an Arson Reward of up to $10,000. When you call 888.998.7362 the operator will instruct you not to give your name and assign you a code. You are then asked a series of questions designed to gather information without revealing your identity and the information is passed along to local law enforcement officials for investigation.