Board of Directors

Regional Map

AMERIND is a member-owned organization of Tribes and Indian Housing Authorities. Geographically, AMERIND is represented by nine regions. Each region elects a representative to serve on the board of directors. Regional representation on the board of directors allows for an equal and diverse voice among the Tribes represented. Through their regional representative, member-owners have direct access to the corporation’s policymakers and management team.

The members-owners nominate and elect a chairman of the board of directors every three years. Phil Bush was elected to serve as chairman in May 2022 at the AMERIND|NAIHC Annual Convention and Tradeshow.

The AMERIND board of directors works diligently to provide member-owners affordable and sustainable insurance for Native communities and businesses.

AMERIND Board of Directors

Phil Bush
Chehalis Tribe

Chairman of the Board
Rodney Trahan
Northern Cheyenne

Region 5 – Colorado, Montana, Utah, Wyoming

Region 1 – Alabama, Connecticut, Florida, Maine, Massachusetts, Mississippi, New York, North Carolina, Rhode Island
Ron Ryan
Metlakatla Indian Community

Region 6 – Idaho, Oregon, Washington, Metlakatla Indian Community
Jane Barrett
Red Lake Nation

Region 2 – Michigan, Minnesota, Wisconsin, Indiana, Illinois

Glenda Nelson
Enterprise Rancheria

Region 7 – California, Nevada
Jeannie Thompson
Lower Brule Tribe

Region 3 – Iowa, Nebraska, North Dakota, South Dakota

Floyd Tortalita —PHOTO COMING SOON
Pueblo of Acoma

Region 8
– Arizona, New Mexico, West Texas
Jerri Killer
Cherokee Nation

Region 4 – East Texas, Kansas, Louisiana, Oklahoma

Olen Harris
North Pacific Rim

Region 9 – Alaska (except Metlakatla Indian Community), Hawaii