Community Outreach

Community Building and Outreach for Indian Country

Discover AMERIND Beyond Insurance

The AMERIND name means high-quality insurance services, but our organization does so much more to serve Indian Country beyond insurance. We are proud to offer resources that can strengthen and empower the lives of our Tribal clients. AMERIND creates affordable and sustainable insurance products and services for Indian Country.

Founded in 1986, AMERIND is the only 100% Tribally owned and operated insurance company. Our board of directors makes giving back to Indian Country a priority and dedicates nearly $500,000 per year to scholarships and charitable giving. AMERIND also practices regular community outreach through safety advocacy and donations to projects that educate Indian Country about risk and prevention in the home, on the road, and in the workplace.

AMERIND’s meeting spaces are available to members/customers and non-members/customers. Please complete the Facility Usage Application for consideration.

For further inquiries please reach out to an AMERIND Communication Team member at 505-404-5000. Thank you.