AMERIND Products and Services

Sustainable Insurance Products for Indian Country

AMERIND offers a wealth of products to protect Tribal nations, businesses and workers, and families and individuals. No matter what you need to be protected, AMERIND can help you find peace of mind.

Tribal Government & Business

AMERIND protects tribal government and business enterprises in Indian Country by providing market-competitive commercial property and liability insurance products including commercial property, general liability, errors and omissions, healthcare, employee practices, employee dishonesty and more.

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Tribal Workers’ Compensation

An alternative to state programs, the AMERIND product empowers tribal entities to take full control of their workers’ compensation programs. Created for tribal governments, business enterprises, and housing authorities, the AMERIND program provides maximum effectiveness while reducing employee injury expenses.

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Tribal Auto Program

AMERIND offers commercial auto insurance to tribal governments and business enterprises that conduct operations principally on tribal land, (AMERIND’s solutions provide coverage for commercial fleet autos).

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Homeowners and Renters Program

The AMERIND Homeowners and Renters Program is designed to meet the unique needs of tribal citizens living in Indian Country. AMERIND provides flexible culturally sensitive coverage and offers a variety of insurance plans for dwellings, personal property, loss of use, personal liability, medical payments, and other optional coverage and programs.

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Indian Housing Block Grant

AMERIND’s Indian Housing Block Grant program serves over 400 federally recognized tribes. AMERIND is dedicated to maintaining affordable and sustainable insurance coverage for managed housing.

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Cyber Liability

AMERIND’s Cyber Liability insurance protects Tribal Governments and Tribal Businesses from cyber threats to personal identification information, financial information, and client data.

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AMERIND Services

AMERIND Critical Infrastructure

When other companies were unwilling to provide broadband Internet access to rural and remote tribal communities, AMERIND Critical Infrastructure stepped up to help tribes address the need for high-speed Internet. This access provides a platform to build and sustain communities with life-saving care through telemedicine, emergency response, distance learning opportunities, and tribally owned radio stations, and more.

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