Your 100% Tribally owned and trusted insurance partner.

AMERIND is the leading provider of insurance services and consultancy for Indian Country. Our organization was founded in 1986 as an act of unity among more than 400 Tribes. Together, they created AMERIND to be a resource in which all Tribes could place their security and trust.

AMERIND is the only 100% Tribally owned insurance provider. We are committed to our founding vision of Tribes Protecting Tribes and keeping money within Indian Country to enable economic growth for our clients and all Tribes.  

We provide affordable products and services designed to fit the needs of Tribal governments, businesses, communities, and individuals.


AMERIND is unique from corporate insurance companies in its inception and intention. We hold Indian Country’s interests at heart and are truly interested in strengthening Native American communities, economies and elevating tribal sovereignty. Our track record shows that Tribes have trusted us to save them millions of dollars in premiums as we fulfilled our mission to keep Tribal dollars in Indian Country. We intend to continue serving our Tribes with a growing and comprehensive line of affordable and sustainable solutions!

  • Only 100% tribally owned insurance solutions provider
  • Protecting our People and strengthening Indian Country
  • Unique understanding of Native American needs
  • Culturally sensitive, affordable and reliable solutions
  • Operate as a sovereign entity protecting tribal sovereignty

Learn about our member-owned organization, guided by our Board of Directors and operated every day by Our Team.