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Scholarship Program

AMERIND supports education through a scholarship program managed by the regional associations. Regions need to establish fair and impartial procedures for the selection of candidates. Scholarships based on regional guidelines can be for graduate, postgraduate, and trade school attendance. Usually through a committee, the regions determine the amount of the awards. AMERIND does not issue scholarships directly.

Here is a list of the regions who have received funds from the scholarship program:

  • Region 3 (Iowa, Nebraska, North Dakota, South Dakota)
  • Region 5 (Colorado, Montana, Utah, Wyoming)
  • Region 6 (Idaho, Oregon, Washington, Metlakatla Indian Community)
  • Region 7 (California, Nevada)
  • Region 8 (Arizona, New Mexico, West Texas)


AMERIND supports the National Indian Education Association in its mission of advancing comprehensive, culture-based educational opportunities for American Indians, Alaska Natives, and Native Hawaiians.

We encourage your region to take advantage of this opportunity. For more information about our scholarship program, give us a call (800) 352-3496.

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