Cell Advisory Commission

The AMERIND Board of Directors established the Cell Advisory Commission as a regulatory oversight body for the organization.  Commissioners are appointed by the three AMERIND Charter tribes, each of which is represented by an elected Tribal Leader on the Cell Commission. They are joined by two external insurance experts and the immediate past Chairperson of the AMERIND Board of Directors, all contributing to the Commission’s diverse expertise.

Meeting quarterly, the Cell Commission diligently evaluates each cell using ten (10) annual operational measures and twenty (20) quarterly financial measures. These metrics, crucial for the company’s commitment to fulfilling valid and covered claims in the present and future, are set by the Commission, approved by the Board of Directors, and align with HUD, external industry, and regulatory standards. It’s important to note that the financial condition of non-risk bearing units within AMERIND are not examined by the Cell Commission.

Guided by the provisions of the CELL regulations adopted by the AMERIND Board, the Cell Commission plays a pivotal role in upholding the financial stability and accountability of the organization.

Honorable Carole Lanford
Confederate Salish and Kootenai Tribes
Chairperson of the Cell Advisory

Charter Tribe
Honorable Michelle Cobenais
Red Lake Band of Chippewa
Vice-Chairperson of the Cell Advisory

Charter Tribe
Honorable Greg Borene
Enterprise Rancheria

Former AMERIND BOD Chair
Honorable Lawrence Montoya
Pueblo of Santa Ana

Charter Tribe
Mark Murray
Guy Carpenter

Insurance Expert

Lee Backus, Esquire

Retired Director of Compliance,
Washington DC Dept of Insurance
(Insurance Expert)