Property Addition and Deletion Forms and Reference Guide


Property: Single Family dwellings, duplex, triplex & 4-plex structures (1-4 family homes)

Commercial Property: 5-unit building and up, office buildings, warehouses, elderly care facilities, community building, etc.


Property Additions:

To add a property to your policy, please complete the appropriate addition form, based on the type of structure you are adding. Property additions will be endorsed to the policy the date your request is received. All fields must be complete for the structure to be added to your inventory. A form must be completed for each property addition.

  • 1-4 Family Structure Addition Form

1-4 Family structure addition form

  • Commercial Structure Addition Form

Commercial structure addition form

Property Deletions:

As a structure gets conveyed to an individual, a completed Structure Deletion Form must be completed and submitted to AMERIND to remove the property from your inventory and coverage. A form must be completed for each structure. Property deletions will be processed the date the request is received or on a future date (as requested).

  • Structure Deletion Form

Structure deletion form

Structure Change Form:

Utilized to update information on a property currently listed on your inventory ( i.e physical address, square footage, etc.)