Seamless Service Supports a Pueblo’s Growing Dreams

Governor Craig Quanchello of Picuris Pueblo knows a thing or two about the importance of personalized service. Despite being the smallest pueblo in New Mexico, Picuris Pueblo has the largest solar array in the state. They were also the first pueblo to contract with the state government to produce cannabis and hemp commercially. His community has unique needs and opportunities, which is why he chooses AMERIND.

“What makes AMERIND truly unique is their commitment to preserve our culture, our heritage, and our people,” Governor Quanchello said. “They’re actively investing in our communities, supporting our aspirations for the future. With AMERIND you’re not just getting an insurance provider, you’re getting a partner who understands our Tribes like no other.”

Governor Quanchello had first heard others speak about AMERIND’s values at tribal governor’s meetings. AMERIND’s reputation for supporting Indian Country sparked his curiosity, but their line of coverage and service offerings sealed the deal. “I thought it was very interesting to hear of a Native-owned insurance company, but I thought maybe they wouldn’t have everything we needed. The more I learned about AMERIND, the more we were attracted to them,” he said. Governor Quanchello appreciated AMERIND’s tailored approach to insuring Tribes and tribal businesses along with their specialized coverage.

“It’s hard to overstate the value of having a provider who understands our circumstances and challenges,” the governor said of AMERIND’s cultural sensitivity and community support. “We see that AMERIND is actively involved in supporting Tribal communities through community outreach, scholarships, and other initiatives. This mattered to us.”

When Picuris Pueblo was hit with a natural disaster, a serious act of vandalism, and theft on their travel center, AMERIND responded immediately with support. AMERIND’s swift action and proven claims process kept the Tribe from experiencing significant financial hardship and prolonged stress.

Thieves used a truck to back into our store and bust its walls, which affected our business and economy,” he said. “AMERIND has consistently made the claims process smooth and straight forward. It was a seamless process. When we needed to get back on our feet, AMERIND stepped it up.” As a tribal member, Quanchello knows the impact these types of losses can have on a community. He says AMERIND provides more than financial protection; they provide peace of mind.

Knowing that we’re building a partnership with AMERIND strengthens our sense of security and stability as a community. That helps us recover from unexpected events and safeguards our assets,” Governor Quanchello said.

Picuris Pueblo has already paved new ground for pueblos in New Mexico, accomplishing big entrepreneurial goals. Governor Quanchello says his Tribal leadership isn’t stopping there. As the pueblo works to move away from government funding and toward self-sustaining economic models, Quanchello needs partners who can both value their rich cultural traditions while dreaming big for the future. “Nobody else is going to do it for us. We’ve got to keep up with the times, build resources and opportunities that our kids are proud of. We’re hoping to be self-sufficient in energy production within a few years,” he said.

AMERIND stands with Picuris Pueblo as they plan for tomorrow and future generations. With exceptional service, and shared values, Picuris Pueblo can keep the focus on their growing dreams. “AMERIND’s vision of ‘Tribes Protecting Tribes’ isn’t just a message. They understand where we want to go, the heritage we came from, and they understand that when we focus on our community’s future, we’re taking care of our relatives.”

Picuris Pueblo of New Mexico

Smallest Pueblo in New Mexico at 300 Tribal members

7,000 feet above sea level

Largest solar array in New Mexico

First pueblo to contract with state government to produce cannabis and hemp commercially

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