Robert Dahl, COO

Chief Operating Officer

Mr. Robert Dahl is the Executive Supervisor of AMERIND’s operational and business development initiatives, overseeing key departments including Underwriting, Claims, Risk Control, Product Development, Business Development, Marketing and Event Planning, and Customer Experience teams. 

With an illustrious career spanning nearly four decades, Mr. Dahl has been a steadfast advocate and consultant for Tribal Nations since 1990. His groundbreaking work has been pivotal in empowering Tribal Nations to assert control over their workers’ compensation programs. Notably, he played an instrumental role in assisting Midwest and Great Lakes Tribes in creating self-insured workers’ compensation programs, facilitating the development of individual workers’ compensation ordinances and establishing systems for claims adjudication within tribal court frameworks. His unparalleled expertise in this domain led to the creation of the AMERIND Tribal Workers’ Compensation (TWC) program, positioning him as a respected authority on Tribal Workers’ Compensation throughout Indian Country. 

A trailblazer in the field, Mr. Dahl was a driving force in the establishment of the first group of Tribal self-insured workers’ compensation programs in the United States, following the landmark Tibbets v. Leech RBC (1989) decision by the Minnesota Supreme Court. This decision recognized the legal standing of Tribal Nations and their right to administer workers’ compensation programs independently from state jurisdiction and regulatory oversight. 

Beyond his extensive contributions to Tribal Workers’ Compensation, Mr. Dahl possesses a comprehensive understanding of underwriting Commercial Property, Casualty, Workers’ Compensation, and Auto business. His tenure at Berkely Risk and AMERIND has been marked by his integral role in modernizing operations, contributing to the development of new products and lines of business. His foresight and adaptability have been instrumental in meeting the evolving challenges and risks prevalent in today’s dynamic insurance marketplace. 

Mr. Dahl’s unwavering dedication, wealth of experience, and pioneering contributions have significantly shaped the landscape of Tribal Workers’ Compensation, reinforcing his position as a respected leader and expert in his field.