Protecting Indian Country with Property Safety Inspections

A conversation with Jett Rogers, CEO & Managing Member of TrueNorth Solutions, LLC, an AMERIND partner providing risk management and safety compliance.

Building codes are essential to keep occupants safe and out of harm’s way. However, keeping a building up to code can be complicated. New regulations and standards are released each year that address changing industry needs and evolving technologies, leaving homeowners, businesses and property managers vulnerable without routine inspection and maintenance. Typically, municipalities perform safety and code inspections in the community to ensure current compliance standards are upheld and to inform property owners of what they can do to meet those standards. Unfortunately, those preventative measures aren’t always available for Tribal land.   

AMERIND partners with safety compliance experts, like Jett Rogers, to fill that void and ensure members are well-protected from preventative accidents and catastrophic events. With expertise in origin and cause fire investigation as well as safety inspections, he knows first-hand how quickly a situation can escalate if safety protocols aren’t met.   

Who is Jett Rogers?

Jett initially began working with AMERIND through his father, Scott Rogers, conducting origin and cause fire investigations. Working in Indian Country, he noticed a pattern of incidents that could have been prevented with routine maintenance and compliance. When he started his own business last year and expanded his services to include risk management and compliance inspections, he reached out to AMERIND to discuss a partnership to improve the safety of members and Tribal communities.

Jett and his team of inspectors primarily assess high-traffic buildings and put a plan in motion to help AMERIND members adhere to industry regulations and address safety concerns.

“Our team stays informed of all types of building, safety, and forensic investigation codes and standards,” he stated. “Our knowledgeable experts at TrueNorth regularly attend continuing education sessions, which allows us to keep AMERIND’s members up to speed with the new releases and updates, helping them address any significant issues.”

Most common causes of fire and how homeowners can best protect their property

As a seasoned fire investigator, Jett has conducted more than 1,000 origin and cause investigations throughout his career. The top three causes he sees in Indian Country are also the only three causes he sees:

  1. Poor maintenance and housekeeping
  2. Natural/wildland fires
  3. Intentionally set/arson

Exterior home maintenance including lawn and tree care can prevent against wildland fires by keeping yards clear of debris. Jett also recommends homeowners keep an eye on powerlines for worn cables or nearby trees with loose or dead branches. If powerlines near your home appear to be compromised, it’s important to call the electrical company and request an inspection.

Inside the home, homeowners can keep their home tidy to prevent fire ignition and spread. “Simple things like keeping walkways clear and electricity sources free from clothes and clutter will not only help prevent fire but will avoid injury and further loss in the event of a fire,” Jett explains. “Electrical sparks are more common than people think. Keeping outlets and electrical cords away from clutter that could catch fire is one of the most important safety measures you can take.” Jett also encourages homeowners to follow the safety tips and resources AMERIND offers its members about home maintenance, keeping fire extinguishers handy and serviced, and much more.

The value of risk management and compliance inspections for Tribes

Without local inspectors making routine visits on Tribal land, AMERIND brings in third-party partners like TrueNorth Solutions to mitigate risk and ensure the safety of our members. “We can help Tribes pinpoint where their fault areas are, where there’s a risk, and identify improvements to keep the environment safe,” said Jett. Compliance inspections look beyond fire hazards, assessing adherence to all building and safety codes. Jett went on to explain, “We look for ways to avoid slips, trips, and falls as well as improper hardware or procedures that could cause damage to the building or harm people.”

Addressing concerns that come from these inspections can not only lesson the threat of loss and significant claims, but more importantly, can be the difference between life and death.

Jett’s message to AMERIND members

“AMERIND is a big benefactor of safety and risk management. The best advice I can give members is to reach out and take advantage of their knowledge and network,” Jett said. Between AMERIND’s in-house safety experts and partners like TrueNorth Solutions, LLC, our team is here to help protect your assets. Many resources are available to members at no charge,  including OSHA training, fire extinguisher training and CPR training to name a few. Your AMERIND representative can help you determine the resources available to you.

Jett concluded, “We work with some of the largest insurance companies in the world and the level of support, education and commitment to safety AMERIND offers, despite rising costs and workforce disruptions, is something we don’t see every day. They go above and beyond.”

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