CEO, Derek Valdo, on Covid-19

On behalf of all of us at AMERIND, I hope this finds you, your family and your community well.

As our world continues to react and adjust to the impacts of COVID-19, we want you to know that we anticipate no interruption to any of the services we provide to our customers. 

AMERIND has a dedicated team of employees, and while we are minimizing our in-office operations and staff, we all work to ensure your insurance needs will be handled seamlessly during this timeframe. We have been operating under best practices designed to reduce and remove the potential effects of COVID-19.  We also thank all the emergency, health care and other essential service providers for their courage and continuing service to our communities! On a more personal note, we know our people’s past and that we have overcome great challenges not unlike the present times.  Our peoples have overcome before, and we will do so again.  We are in this together!

Pursuant to an Order of the Governor of New Mexico, AMERIND is deemed an “essential business” and will remain open during the statewide shutdown. Operations will be performed locally and remotely, and we appreciate your understanding should you hear unusual background noise. We provide essential services to over 430 Tribal Nations and their communities.  Our industry is a stabilizing force during times like these, and, for 34 years, AMERIND has provided that stability throughout Indian Country.  Normal covered events will occur every year, and we will be here for you and your community. 

AMERIND is doing its part to provide financial support for your risk prevention and control efforts during this unprecedented time. 

As a final thought, please know that we are continually working to build a stronger and more capable company.  Our recent AM Best Rating of A- (Excellent) reflects this dedication, and strong financial capabilities.  We know this period of closures and shutdowns will inevitably come with costs, both predictable and those yet unknown. As you adjust your planning and look ahead to address those costs, please reach out to us and let us help you plan for your risk-management costs and right-size for your needs.  We have an excellent financial capacity and are completely dedicated to Indian Country. 

In closing, our prayers and thoughts are with you. We know our people’s past, and we have overcome great challenges not unlike the present times. Our peoples have overcome before, and we will do so again.  We are in this together!

We pray your families and communities remain well.  We are honored to be Indian Country’s preferred insurance provider.  Feel free to contact us for any reason.



Derek Valdo

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