AMERIND Empowers Tribes to Take Control of Their Insurance Programs

Insights from Robert Dahl, a Thoughtful Leader in the Tribal Insurance Space

It’s time Tribes exercise their sovereignty and self-determination over their economies, including protecting their employees through unique Tribal Workers’ Compensation programs.

When Tribes purchase conventional, statutory workers’ compensation policies, they are not only signing up for a standard, one-size-fits-all model, they’re waiving their sovereign immunity and subjecting themselves to state jurisdiction and courts. Furthermore, statutory workers’ compensation policies leave Tribes vulnerable to the litigation that runs rampant in state systems.

Utilizing an arbitration type format, AMERIND helps Tribes avoid lengthy court battles. This more informal process saves Tribes considerable legal expense. Owned by more than 400 Tribes, AMERIND is tax-exempt and free from state workers’ compensation laws and regulation. Doing business sovereign to sovereign with AMERIND means saving money by avoiding state and federal taxes and fees. Thus, AMERIND’s expense ratio is typically 10-15% less than other insurance carriers.

Another easy way for an employer to take control of their program and save money is through a Return-to-Work program. An employer can reduce or eliminate the indemnity cost of a claim—or wage-loss piece—by bringing an employee back to work through a modification of their job duties, thus accommodating any restrictions set by a doctor. Designating a medical provider or clinic can aid in this process. Bringing an employee back to work faster keeps them connected with their employer, lessening the likelihood of them seeking an attorney, which reduces potential litigation costs. The AMERIND TWC team will work with an employer to assist them in establishing a successful Return-to-Work program.

When Tribes Protect Tribes, we create opportunity for the economic sustainability and growth of Indian Country. AMERIND’s TWC program keeps money circulating in Indian Country.


  • AMERIND’s Tribal Workers’ Compensation (TWC) program is designed for Tribal Governments, Businesses and Housing Authorities located within Indian Country.
  • Our TWC program is flexible and was built from the ground up. AMERIND does not try and force Tribes into a “one-size-fits-all” program. AMERIND is interested in your preferred approach to covering employee injuries.
  • Like state workers’ compensation systems, AMERIND’s TWC program covers Medical Expenses, Lost Wages, Death Benefit and Permanent Disability Benefits.
  • Unlike state workers’ compensation systems, however, our TWC program is adaptable to your Tribe’s specific needs. For larger Tribes with an existing workers’ compensation ordinance, AMERIND will underwrite the Tribe’s ordinance and handle the claims pursuant to that ordinance.
  • The ultimate goal of AMERIND is to provide you with control of your program and the resources to reduce your employee injury expenses. Creating a safe work environment not only protects employees, it helps your Tribal Government and Businesses attract and retain valuable employees.
  • AMERIND is committed to helping Tribal Governments and Businesses foster a workplace culture that focuses on safety to reduce employee injuries on the job. AMERIND regularly promotes hazard awareness and prevention, and additionally encourages safety consciousness from leadership down to staff.
  • When supervisors reinforce employee attention to safety with positive reinforcement, it not only boosts morale, it keeps claims down.

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