Derek Valdo, Sr., CEO

Chief Executive Officer

Derek C. Valdo: A Visionary Leader in Insurance, Risk Management and Community Development

Derek C. Valdo is a highly accomplished Chief Executive Officer, renowned for his exceptional expertise in governance, strategic leadership, business, public policy, insurance, catastrophe management, loss control, safety education, and risk management. With an illustrious career spanning over 23 years, Derek has made significant contributions to the field, leaving an indelible mark on the industry.

As the Chief Executive Officer of AMERIND Risk Management Corporation, Derek’s leadership has been instrumental in driving the company’s success. His passion for community service is exemplified through his 14-year tenure as a Councilman and his one-year role as a spiritual Field Chief, where he served his tribe, the Pueblo of Acoma, with unwavering dedication and commitment.

Derek’s educational background is as impressive as his professional accomplishments. He earned his Bachelor of Arts Degree in Economics with a minor in Management from the University of New Mexico, graduating cum laude. He further honed his skills and knowledge by earning a Master’s of Business Administration from New Mexico Highlands University.

Derek’s unique blend of training, education, and extensive experience equips him to develop innovative and culturally sensitive solutions. His focus lies in creating integrated strategies that not only address the specific needs of Native American Communities but also empower and enhance their capacity. His commitment to making a difference is evident in his holistic approach, aimed at improving the lives of the people he serves.

In summary, Derek C. Valdo is more than just a Chief Executive Officer; he is a visionary leader, a dedicated public servant, and a catalyst for positive change. His exceptional track record, coupled with his unwavering commitment to community, makes him a true asset to the industry and the Native American communities he passionately serves.