2.5GHz Rural Tribal Window Free Informational Webinar

AMERIND’s long time partner, First Nations, is hosting a series of informational webinars to break down the FCC Rural Tribal Window application process and discuss the many advantages for tribes to control their own broadband spectrum and wireless networks. We will post next week’s webinars as dates and times become available.

  • Thursday, July 9th, 11:30-1:00pm, MDT: 2.5GHz Rural Tribal Window Informational Webinar
    This panel-led discussion will give attendees a better understanding of the Rural Tribal Window opportunity and application process, as well as potential uses for the 2.5GHz license. Time will be allotted during this webinar to discuss the application in more depth, and there will also be time for Q&A

For more information on First Nations please visit their website at: https://www.firstnations.org/projects/rural-tribal-window-informational-webinar/

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