AMERIND Critical Infrastructure honored to partner with NDIA to advance digital equity in Indian Country

AMERIND Critical Infrastructure (ACI) partnered with National Digital Inclusion Alliance to advance digital equity in Indian Country. NDIA received a $10 million grant from to help advance digital inclusion and remove digital divide roadblocks for rural and Tribal communities. Over the next four years, this grant and the National Digital Navigator Corps it supports will have a wide impact on the thousands of people who will benefit from the work on the ground as well as the following long-lasting impacts:

  • AMERIND will gain a staff member dedicated to digital equity in Tribal lands
  • Assets will be publicly available to expand and scale Digital Navigator work nationwide
  • NDIA will be equipped to formalize the Digital Navigator model
  • NDIA will gain insight from data collection with partner sites

AMERIND strives to provide solutions for Tribal broadband deployment and its division, AMERIND Critical Infrastructure (ACI) assists Tribes in planning, building, and financing modern community broadband networks designed to bring 21st century connectivity to their peoples.

“AMERIND Critical Infrastructure is honored to partner with NDIA and to receive support from in this effort,” said Geoffrey Blackwell, chief strategy officer and general counsel of AMERIND. “This program will bring a grassroots focus to our nation’s Indigenous peoples, so that they can fully utilize all of the benefits of high-speed internet. The National Digital Navigator Corps will embed digital inclusion advocates across Indian Country. This important strategy will address the breadth of inclusion needs where they occur – at home in Native communities – and will help our Tribal Nations take their rightful place in the world through the internet.”

How to get involved

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