A Broker’s Perspective: AMERIND does the right thing to help Tribes

Meet Devony Metcalf, Vice President/Insurance Broker on the Tribal Insurance Team at Rogers Insurance Center (RIC Agency). Metcalf serves Tribal governments and businesses and is located in Oklahoma. As a broker, Metcalf works closely with Tribes to advise them on the best way to customize their insurance packages/programs, identify exposures and create comprehensive insurance policies to fit the needs of each Tribe.

Brokers also serve as claims advocates for the Tribes. In this role, Metcalf works closely with insurance carriers and says with confidence, “The way AMERIND does business is much more accessible and personable than other carriers. I get to speak to the same people who know me, rather than talking to someone in a call center.” She explains that from the safety manager to claims director to executive leadership, the AMERIND team discusses claims with clients, answers questions and works together to come up with the best solutions for their clients.

For example, Metcalf said early in her relationship with AMERIND, there was a claim situation with a Quapaw Tribe employee. Without hesitation, AMERIND offered a remarkable gesture and chose to help the Tribe and employee. Technically, AMERIND was not responsible or required to provide any type of monetary reimbursement to the injured employee. Metcalf said, “AMERIND’s decision showed how their strong moral and ethical values are upheld.”

Metcalf shared AMERIND’s response with the rest of the RIC Agency, and they could not believe it. “Our employees have a combined experience of more than 145 years in the insurance industry, and we have never seen this kind of generosity from an insurance carrier,” she said. Metcalf went on to explain, “I feel like AMERIND really cares about Indian Country. They will do the right thing and help the Tribe whenever they can. AMERIND looks for ways to pay claims versus ways to get out of claims.” Metcalf said this was not a one-time case. She has worked with the company for more than nine months and says AMERIND is consistent in how they conduct business. She trusts them. “AMERIND sticks to their Tribes Protecting Tribes vision.”

When asked what she would like others to know about AMERIND, Metcalf explained, “There are many reasons we believe AMERIND is the preferred insurance carrier for Indian Country. First, AMERIND is 100% owned by Tribes. We really like that aspect since we are a Native -owned business. AMERIND has recently been assigned an A- (Excellent) rating by AM Best. We believe this confirms their financial strength and ability to meet ongoing insurance obligations. We appreciate AMERIND’s transparency. They have been willing to share their financial information, reinsurance partners and claims history with us and our clients.

AMERIND offers excellent insurance products that are very competitive within the Tribal market space.” In closing, Metcalf said “RIC Agency is proud to partner with AMERIND, and we look forward to growing our business relationship in the future. I strongly recommend working with AMERIND. You will enjoy the relationship, and you will enjoy working with Tribes.”

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