AMERIND Webinar; Zero Trust: Tribal Cybersecurity in a High Threat Environment- May 2, 2024 11-12pm (mst)

AMERIND is proud to announce a new webinar series called Trusted Voices. Once a month, AMERIND employees and partners will provide valuable webinar topics in the areas of insurance, cybersecurity, risk control and broadband.  

From Zero-day Attacks to Advanced Persistent Threats, the ecosphere of potential cyber threats to Tribes is growing. Join us for an informative webinar where we delve into the essential components of the Zero Trust model and its application in safeguarding Tribes. In an increasingly complex digital landscape, Tribal leaders and Tribal IT professionals need to understand why implementing robust cybersecurity measures is critical for protecting Tribal businesses and sovereignty.

AMERIND is the only 100-percent Tribally owned insurance provider in the United States. For 38 years, AMERIND has provided a comprehensive line of affordable insurance products. This experience comes with a team of accomplished individuals committed to strengthening Tribal sovereignty.  


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